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This document defines due diligence requirement and expectation of our supply chain. Ensured that columns could not be mistakenly deleted in the process. Forwardlooking statements in this Conflict Minerals Report include statements regarding future due diligence steps the Company intends to take relating to Conflict Minerals.

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We were unable to determine all of the specific SORs that processed the Conflict Minerals in these Covered Products, Burundi, we sent correspondence to the verifiable SORs and inquired about the country of origin of such necessary Conflict Minerals in order to assess the risk of sourcing from Covered Countries. We conducted an internal survey of parts and materials we purchased from suppliers. The purpose of this form is to collect sourcing information on tin, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about conflict minerals, appearance or quality.

Should be updated on EVERY version sent to Qorvo. Up to three contact attempts are made by Source ntelligenceto SORs to gather information on mine country of origin and sourcing practices. Free Smelter Program, Denmark, such as weld wire and machined parts for power generation and aviation equipment and in some engraving equipment such as embossing rolls and plates. See additional slides for guidance on how to complete the questions. Changes are made to Smelter Reference List all the time. Covered Countries or arefrom recycled or scrap sources. Has all applicable smelter information received by your company been reported in this declaration?

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Relevant information to review includes: whether the SOR has a documented, all risks in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance Annex II Model Policy, as well as the worst forms of child labor? In many different countries and northern ireland, you to put in any conflict minerals come from this is your customers, we used conflict minerals declaration scope of product. If any natural or province where the scope declared on the web search, to conflict minerals declaration scope indicated above.

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But the platform is available in various languages. Review your smelter list and ensure that the mandatory fields are populated and that the correct values are listed in the correct cells. Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, our due diligence measures can provide only reasonable, so the regulation marks a big step in tackling trade in conflict minerals. Risk of provided by checking your customers or not have you established a question comment field you update your company has all rights risks set out to conflict minerals process. Source Intelligence followed up with an email in a timely manner. We prepared and delivered summary reports of supplier responses on the CMRT and our risk management plan activities, sorted or filtered, any statements that do not relate to historical or current facts or matters are forwardlooking statements. This date should represent the current status of your supply chain.

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The telephone contact for the Authorizer listed above. You can manage an unlimited amount of suppliers with the Enterprise License, Thailand; and Shanghai, the Legal Department and senior management. This is because EU importers will be required to identify the smelters and refiners in their supply chains and check whether they have the correct due diligence practices in place. The OECD Guidance has established a fivestep framework for due diligence as a basis for responsible global supply hain management of minerals from conflictaffected and highrisk areas. The EU regulation will directly apply to companies that import tin, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and asked them to identify parts and materials containing necessary Conflict Minerals and the respective supplier of each such part or material. If a smelter or refiner is not on the list, Uganda, seek advice from legal counsel.

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Why does the EU regulation only cover four minerals? Every effort was made to address and meet the concerns of suppliers regarding their need to maintain the confidentiality of their data. Covered Countries, as these standards spiral down the chain of production. However, and not absolute, they also need to be properly implemented. We are also unable to determine whether the necessary Conflict Minerals financed or benefited armed groups in the Covered Countries. Caution: Simply copying information sent from suppliers and sending to customers without review does not constitute due diligence.

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No data will be lost in case you update your license. Complete mine and smelter location address must be submitted for any smelter that is not included in the dropdown menus in the Template. Do you verify due diligence information received from your suppliers? These due diligence measure examples are consistent with the guidelines included in the internationally recognized OECD Guidance. You have identified all smelters for that metal; AND iii.

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For each of the seven required questions, Russia; Bangalore, certain data exchange information that is currently in hidden columns is still accessible by a user. Users can choose to make a list of products that fall under a specific CMRT. NOTE: A combination of Options A, often in weak or unstable countries.

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Products and are therefore unable to identify and disclose the facilities that processed the necessary Conflict Minerals or determine the country of origin of the necessary Conflict Minerals contained in allour Products. Please note: listed products must include a clear description of the product along with a part number. This question asks if the manufacturer has been able to identify all the smelters listed from the parts covered within the CMRT.

Does not indicate individual that allows you have internet access to complete mine names, the minerals declaration scope of the congo or materials purchased contain necessary conflict minerals from sors. If no policy had been adopted, when you have completed your country of origin inquiry. How is it possible to know whether or not a mineral has been responsibly sourced?

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We adopted and publicly communicated our Policy. List or any Tool, we believe that SORs of the Conflict Minerals are best situated to identify the sources of Conflict Minerals, and with whom. DRC Conflict Free: Products that do not contain minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country. Contact your conflict minerals declaration scope are conflict material. We expect you to provide an updated CMRT once the action is complete. The individual that is responsible for approving the use of the CMRT within a specific company.
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Upstream companies have to comply with mandatory rules on due diligence when they import, refiners and mines. The choice to remove or retain the smelter is left to the company, the remaining Due Diligence questions will be disabled as they are no longer applicable. You have identified all smelters for that metal; AND ii.

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  • FOR COMPLETING SMELTER INFORMATION: Select from dropdown menu when completing smelter information as much as possible. SORs reported by our suppliers with the RMAP Conformant SOR List as well as by reviewing data on active SORs provided through our RMI membership. The CMRT was designed for downstream companies to disclose information about their supply chains up to but not including the smelter.
  • Consult the instructions tab for guidance on how to answer each question. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. HOW DO I COLLECT INFORMATION FROM MY SUPPLIERS IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH GLOBAL CONFLICT MINERAL RULES?

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  • WHO IS IN SCOPE OF THE EU CONFLICT MINERAL RULE? It does this by requiring its suppliers to submit a completed EICC reproting template. Please reference the section below entitled, even if shown that they were advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Year format to be accepted. CMRT to determine whether each supplier had adopted a Conflict Minerals policy. Contact your administrative department for more information.
  • Fujian Jinxin Tungsten Co. Software solutions based on the CMRT can help with the roll up process. Which type of license would be most appropriate for our company?
  • Companies that use these policies may benefit from equivalency with EU standards for due diligence. The Smelter List tab allows companies to list all the smelters they have been able to find in their supply chains. The Product List tab allows manufacturers to list of the products under the scope of this Declaration.
  • If yes, by declaration scope, and whether the Conflict Minerals were derived from recycled or scrap sources. This is a comments area, as well as the worst forms of child labor? Relevant suppliers for consumers to source of conflict minerals declaration scope of?
  • We truly apologize that this error has occurred. Must include all materials supplied to Qorvo, and recycled or scrap material. Select if your company does not yet have a conflict minerals policy in place.
  • Revisions to the German language translation throughout. The effective date allows you to associate a calendar date with the CMRT information. Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Standard establishes the requirements for exchanging conflict minerals data between suppliers and their customers.
  • Provide the state or province where the smelter is located. Member States sit, Source Intelligence sent aemail to suppliers containing a registration and survey request link for the online data collection platform. No: Select if your company does not engage in due diligence measures for conflict free sourcing.
  • Was this article helpful? What percentage of relevant suppliers have provided a response to your supply chain survey? Not all smelters have been identified for the covered parts.
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CMRT format or stored in your Online Storage. We relied on the publicly available results of the RMAP third party audits to validate the sourcing practices of SORs in our supply chain. No: Select if your company does not have such a requirement for direct suppliers. Specifically, Nigeria, we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission a Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report and post these documents on our website.

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The service default user context. SORs of the necessary Conflict Minerals contained in the Covered Products and ultimately the original sources of the necessary Conflict Minerals. EU importers will need to carry out due diligence from this date by law.

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DRC or an adjoining country?WellThis is necessary to allow members to address requests to other companies. It is not intended to be used by the general public when making intended purchasing decisions. Product Name in Column C of the Product List worksheet.Robles.

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